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Sleep better the support of Sleepstation

Sleepstation is a clinically validated sleep improvement programme that can help you sleep better after just four sessions, providing guided self-help and the personal support you need to improve your sleep. Designed by experts and backed by science, our online sleep service is proven to combat even the most severe sleep problems. Our team of coaches, doctors and sleep experts will help you identify any triggers for your sleep problems and provide the personal support needed to improve your sleep. We deliver remote support with a personal touch and that’s what makes our service so effective.

We believe everybody deserves a good night’s sleep

Poor sleep has been shown to have negative effects on mood, memory, attention, decision-making, immunity and motivation.

Sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice when life gets busy. However, when we prioritise sleep we become better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. Sleepstation can help you understand how to improve your sleep, giving you significant boosts in mood, concentration and performance.

Digitally delivered, fully supported NHS sleep service

We combine psychology and sleep science with dedicated support to improve sleep for patients with all forms of insomnia. Our expert sleep team deliver remote care with a personal touch.

Sleepstation is a digitally delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia – CBTi. NICE recommends CBTi as the first-line approach for chronic insomnia.

Sleepstation resolves insomnia symptoms and improves quality of life for over 80% of patients who engage with the programme. Our expertise in engagement is what makes Sleepstation so powerful. A recent study has shown Sleepstation to be three times more engaging than unsupported sleep improvement apps.

Sleepstation is an effective solution for insomnia symptoms

  • Clinically validated
  • Proven efficacy
  • Few contraindications
  • Benign side-effect profile
  • Evidence based
  • Delivered entirely online
  • Gold-standard approach
  • Fully supported
  • Highly engaging
  • Personalised care

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