Carers Rights Day 2023

Carers Rights Day - 23rd November 2023


Carers Rights Day 2023 - 23rd November (click the link for all the details!)

Carers Right’s Day is an annual national campaign that brings organisations together to help unpaid carers know their rights.

We want to empower carers with information and support, so they can feel confident asking for what they need at a time that they need it and to know how to challenge things when their rights are not being met.

This year, the theme is Your rights: today, tomorrow and in the future.

Whether someone is new to caring, or has been caring for some time, it’s important that they understand their rights and are able to access the support that is available to them and they are entitled to.


Are you an unpaid Carer in the county of Dorset?  In Dorset, there are two councils responsible for providing adult social care and support services:  The BCP Council and the Dorset Council.

If you are not a signed up Carer with the Carers Information Services this is the first step that must be taken to obtain a Carers Card which will enable you to access discounts for goods and services across Dorset.



       This initiative funded by Dorset Council, BCP Council, and the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group aims to:

  • Support Carers to remain Safe and Healthy
  • Recognise the contribution Carers make
  • Support the development of Carer Friendly Communities

Benefits for Carers

  • Save Money
  • Feel valued
  • Achieve recognition in the community for the work that they do unpaid


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