Long term condition reviews

LTC refers to medical conditions that may have an ongoing impact on your health. We recommend that if you have any of these conditions that you have an annual review. Some of these conditions require monitoring with blood tests or other tests such as breathing assessments or urine tests. Reviewing your condition on an annual basis will enable you to check that you are taking the correct medications. By taking responsibility for your medical condition you can help ensure that you are having the best possible care.

What will happen?

During the period April – March each year, we will contact you inviting you to attend for annual review.

If may need a blood test or just a review with a nurse or a GP. Your invitation letter should also give you the correct information as to what kind of appointment you will need.

Please remember to bring any inhalers to your appointment.

Most people with stable conditions will not need to see a GP, but the nurse will advise you if you need to. You are welcome to make an appointment with a GP at any time, but we would ask that you see the nurse first as this helps the process run smoothly and will save you time.

Patients being seen in hospitals or privately

If your condition is being monitored by an NHS hospital or private consultant, this system will not affect you seeing them. You will be called for the blood tests at the surgery and the review with the nurse, who can then give you copies of your results to take to your consultant.

In most cases your GP will prescribe your repeat medications, not your Consultant. Your GP needs to review your blood test results annually to be able to continue prescribing your medications.

This review process is important and we will not be able to continue prescribing repeat medications without it.

Your cooperation in this process will therefore be very much appreciated. We hope that this process will reduce the number of times you need to come to the surgery.